Added value of reliable Management Reporting?

How many ERP projects do achieve the goals initially set?

Over the past 20 years many companies have invested in the implementation of standard ERP and other business applications.

These implementations have often been executed under high time pressure and budget restrictions to fulfil a first series of objectives. These implementations have also been executed with a mindset of 'getting as much and as quickly as possible implemented' without paying sufficient attention which concepts to consider.'Best practises' do not always appear to be that 'best practice'. Solutions still appear to be sub-optimal, or too much limited to automation of what already existed.

Too many ERP systems are 'average' and are not at the appropriate level for satisfactory support of the business. These systems primarily focus on operational flows. In absence of clarity regarding underlying concepts, those ERP systems have continuously been adjusted in response to an ever changing reality. These systems do no longer have the inherent consistency for reliable reporting.

As a result of this, organizations continue to loose valuable time to get the right infomation for steering the business.

Granted, thanks to the implementation, the organization has often grown in maturity. The higher maturity now gives an opportunity to improve and to leverage on the investment for reaching a higher level of performance.

Our domain of activity

The core activity of Holon is to guide organizations towards a higher level of performance in using business applications.To achieve this goal we leverage on the available know how and maturity of the organization, and work together with department managers and process owners.

More specifically, Holon focuses on the CONTROLLING domain, which is often adversely impacted by lack of concepts and integration.Driven by strong controlling concepts we help our clients towards a more consistent use of ERP across logistics and finance.

In a broader context we guide organizations during the organizational change with the implementation of business applications. We step away from the traditional split between task-based project leading and content-based project guiding. We believe that project and integration management go hand in hand for securing effective and efficient steering of a project. Our project management is based on excellent understanding and steering. HOLON guides organizations in the planning, selection, design and realization of change projects with business applications.

HOLON also helps its customers by re-enforcing the interaction between business and IT for an effective implementation or efficient use of business applications. HOLON can help its customers on getting business and IT work jointly together on projects, change requests and support.