"P&L by destination" is likely to be for management reporting, what "Activity Based Costing" is for costing

There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.

"P&L by Destination" is a new clarifying concept for meaningful results reporting. Where current management reporting is often a reclassification of reporting lines retrieved from legal accounting, "P&L by destination" will generate reports according responsibility, ie "by destination".

This way, managers recognize results and feel accountable.

As one of the main benefits of this form of reporting, controllers do no longer need to spend time generating the figures, but rather can spend time for analyzing those figures.

The reports do reconcile with legal accounting, but are simple to understand, and can be generated easily and quickly, whereas they contain more info compared to more traditional forms of reporting.

HOLON has developed a unique method for a step by step implementation.

Key Advantages

  • Your managers are only responsible for figures which they can control
  • Your controllers finally get the time for analysis
  • You don't loose time with endless allocations and long closing procedures
  • You realize an efficient and easy method of reporting

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